TNeoKernel  v1.01
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 tn_arch_example.hExample of architecture-dependent routines
 tn_arch_pic32.hPIC32 architecture-dependent routines
 tn_arch.hArchitecture-dependent routines declaration
 tn_common.hDefinitions used through the whole kernel
 tn_dqueue.hA data queue is a FIFO that stores pointer (of type void *) in each cell, called (in uITRON style) a data element
 tn_eventgrp.hEvent group
 tn_fmem.hFixed memory blocks pool
 tn_mutex.hA mutex is an object used to protect shared resource
 tn_oldsymbols.hCompatibility layer for old projects that use old TNKernel names; usage of them in new projects is discouraged
 tn_sem.hA semaphore: an object to provide signaling mechanism
 tn_sys.hKernel system routines: system start, tick processing, time slice managing
 tn_tasks.hVarious task services: create, sleep, wake up, terminate, etc
 tn.hThe main kernel header file that should be included by user application; it merely includes subsystem-specific kernel headers
 tn_cfg_default.hTNeoKernel default configuration file, to be copied as tn_cfg.h