TNeoKernel  v1.02
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TNeoKernel overview

TNeoKernel is a compact and fast real-time kernel for the embedded 32/16 bits microprocessors. It performs a preemptive priority-based scheduling and a round-robin scheduling for the tasks with identical priority.

TNeoKernel was born as a thorough review and re-implementation of TNKernel 2.7. The new kernel has well-formed code, inherited bugs are fixed as well as new features being added, it is well documented and tested carefully with unit-tests.

Currently it is available for PIC32 only, but will probably be ported to other architectures. Tested on PIC32MX.

API is changed somewhat, so it's not 100% compatible with TNKernel, hence the new name: TNeoKernel.

TNeoKernel is hosted at bitbucket:

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