TNeo  v1.06
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Here is a list of all related documentation pages:
 FeaturesTNeo has a complete set of common RTOS features plus some extras
 Quick guideThis page contains quick guide on system startup and important implementation details
 Time ticksThe kernel needs to calculate timeouts
 Building TNeoSome notes on building the project
 Architecture-specific detailsArchitecture-specific details
 Why reimplement TNKernelExplanation of essential TNKernel problems as well as several examples of poor implementation
 Differences from TNKernel APIIf you have experience of using TNKernel, you really want to read this
 Unit testsBrief information on the implementation of unit tests
 PlansNo specific plans at the moment
 ChangelogTNeo changelog
 ThanksThere are people that I would like to thank:
 LicenseTNeo: real-time kernel initially based on TNKernel
 LegendIn the functions API documentation, the following designations are used: